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Why pets make you more productive?

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  • Why pets make you more productive?
    12 Aug. 2021
    ABL Workspaces
    06:22 AM
Welcome to Why pets make you more productive?

 “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath”. I personally love this quote as we get stressed by our day-to-day work however there is always a way out and stress buster. Dogs & Cats they are the full source of energy they give you positive energy in form of happiness, contentment, excitement, love, and these sources produce a slower, a longer form of sustainable energy when compared to the quick burst that negative energy provides.

So at my workspace in ABL Workspaces we have Billo the Bob White Cat & who is energetic every time & a big attention seeker. He’s always ready for a treat and in return he will give u fist bomb & then we have Muji “HANDSOME BOY” he’s fun to be around he loves getting pat on his head and some belly rubs. He always changes the mood of a person at work by just walking into the room and he is a powerhouse of energy in the office for the employees and always ready to play.

So employees who take their pets to work are less likely to be stressed out but not everybody has the freedom to take them to work if you have your pets at work you often enjoy their jobs more and have a higher overall degree of professional satisfaction. This reduces absenteeism and can improve productivity at work. Staffs that are happier in their positions are likely to put forth greater efforts and be less likely to leave the organization, which can translate to increased earnings for a company. Bringing your dog to work with you can reduce your perceived stress levels as the day progresses and research on stress management has shown that employees who feel good are more productive. Pets can improve the moods of the humans around them due to their unconditional love and pleasant temperaments which they give in return.

We also have to keep in mind, pets can get stressed when their surroundings or routines change, and it may take a while for both you and your pup to settle into a new working-with-your-dog lifestyle.

Evidence suggests that interacting with a dog reduces your perceived stress levels throughout the day, which in turn can lead to increased productivity.

As offices shut down across the country, many people are now working from home alongside their four-legged companions.

If you don't have a pet of your own, researcher and author Jessica Myrick recommends watching a funny cat or dog video — this can produce a 'feel-good' mood boost similar to the real thing.

Pets in the office? Believe it or not, it might actually be a doggone good idea for employee happiness and productivity. Go tell your boss!

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coworking space mohan estate
Welcome to Co-working space in Mohan Estate

Mohan Estate is close by to stretching parallel of Sarita Vihar area. It is a center for almost all Indian and international automobile showrooms and many offices with few eating joints in its listing. Above all this Mohan Estate has an amazing co-working known as ABL workspace which includes this prime location too into their vicinity. As every center this also has metro stations within the range of 800m. This includes Mohan Estate metro station.

The best ABL has to offer is the premium experience with a handful no of amenities and comfort!

ABL workspaces have around 8+ centers present in Delhi NCR and are soon going pan India too. ABL came into existence in 2017. It started with a team of 5 members which has now grown to a team of 80 employees. We have relentlessly been working towards providing professionals with hassle-free workspaces. We have some amazing and known companies as clients with us- Echo India, Simba Beer, Etsy & a lot more.

There’s a lot to love about ABL workspaces!

Login to our website and experience the premium workspace in a great price    


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Welcome to Best coworking space in Noida

Guess what? We have a fabulous alternative for you, and that’s a Co-working space in Noida

So! What are really Co-working spaces?

Co-working spaces in provide businesses, independent contractors, and other workers a space to get there job done.  Co-working spaces have transformed the way the modern workers interact with the business world. It is a global shift towards more lively and elastic working. Businesses all over the world have realized the benefits and opportunities that come with these types of practices. 

Co-working not only offers socialization, networking scenario, and general human interaction.

And guess what? We have a fantastic 3 Co-working spaces available in Noida recognized as ABL workspaces

ABL came into existence in 2017. It started with a team of 5 members which has now grown to a team of 80 employees. We have relentlessly been working towards providing professionals with hassle-free workspaces.

ABL Co-working space is a premium experience with an entire comfort experience altogether. ABL came into existence in 2017 with its first space in Green Park, Delhi. It started with a team of 5 members which has now grown to a team of 80 employees. In a span of just 4 years, ABL is home to 80% established corporate and 20% start-ups along with freelancers in 8 locations all over Delhi/NCR.

As soon as you enter ABL you can smell the tempting coffee which is one of the in-house amenities. Then is the premium infrastructure which provides you comfort beyond limits. To make the comfort productive, ABL has high-speed Wi-Fi.

This doesn’t end here! ABL is improving their amenities and its quality at its best each year. Hop in with us and explore this and a lot more.

Our website –

Why choose us:

  • Allows employees to work remotely in professional surroundings.
  • Unlimited amenities
  • Improves networking opportunities.
  • Zero-maintenance involved, in facility upkeep.
  • Pay-as-you-go and membership offer flexibility to professionals.
  • Valet Parking.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • On house coffee.
ABL Workspaces
Welcome to 5 Effective ways to be successful HR

A.     Learning to Be More Empathetic

An HR can learn empathy through patience, practice and persistence with following measures: -

  1. Actively listen more than you speak: - An empathetic person listens first and only speaks after hearing what the other person is saying.
  2. Express perspective: - After you've heard what the other person has to say, share how you think you'd feel in the same situation.
  3. Don't make assumptions: - Assumptions interfere with your ability to empathize. To be truly empathetic you have to let go of preconceived notions that are not based on true understanding or experience. Take time to listen and don't rush to judgment.
  4. Use imagination: - It’s impossible to have experienced in every situation that others share with you. So, you need to use your imagination to better understand how the other person is feeling.

B.    Organizational effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is an approach for improving the performance of an organization and its employees through planned interventions. Such interventions may focus on team performance, employee development, operational efficiency, organization structure, and productivity.

C.     Maintain the Passion

HR Professional represents the rules and needs of the organization. When you rediscover the passion, you will overcome that flaw. Your own drive will inspire people you are trying to recruit as well current employees of the organization.

D.    Prioritise quality over quantity

Whether it is about recruitment or retention, HR must always prioritise quality over quantity. HR must ensure that the work is genuine and authentic. So, throughout the process HR should be able to maintain consistency by prioritising quality over quantity.

E.     Impartial & Objective

An HR must be able to remain neutral. When dealing with a work incident or employee issue, you must be able to be objective and impartial. Your personal opinion does not count—these types of decisions must be based solely on the facts presented. This is especially important when negative scenarios come up, and you have to come up with positive resolutions. The good news is that you will get better at this with time and experience.

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Welcome to 4 Ways to Have Effective Meeting to Crack a Business Deal

Meetings are very important as they are meant to boost productivity and efficiency between the employees to keep them productive and attentive during office hours. Love them or hate them, you can’t completely eliminate meetings. So, it’s important to make them as useful and constructive as possible.

When everyone is on the same page it makes the most challenging task can be also completed. Too many meetings destroy morale and motivation.

In reality, we find ourselves stuck at unproductive meetings, week after week. The average executive spends 18 hours a week at meetings. Almost half of all attendees say that meetings are the number one time-waster at work not only can meetings be a waste of time, but if not planned efficiently, they’re actually a waste of money, too.

Did you know that Jeff Bezos has something called the 2 Pizza rule? One of his pet peeves is groupthink, so he always ensures that meetings are kept small enough for everyone to contribute. Are there more people than two pizzas could feed? That’s too many.

So, at ABL WORKSPACE PVT. LTD we’re all about time management, and we put a lot of effort into having small effective meetings. Following are the 5 ways we follow to utilize most of the time.

1. Be Prepared- The key to successful meetings is management and make sure everybody receives the agenda for the meetings & they are prepared for it. 

2. Don’t Lose Focus - At every meeting, there seems to be that one person who tends to go off track and telling stories not connected to the discussed topic in any way. So, at ABL WORKSPACES we try in meeting everyone has a clear focus, it’s much easier to set concrete action steps and follow up. So that if you got to the end of the meeting without having actionable next steps, the meeting should be considered wasted time so we prefer to keep it short and keep everyone engaged in a meeting. 

3. Stop Multitasking - Multitasking is connected to our modern life where we want our work to finish as soon as possible. A study shows it makes us less effective, increases stress, and costs the global economy an estimated $450 billion every year. More frighteningly, Harvard Business Review reports that multitasking leads to a 40% drop in productivity and a loss of 10 IQ points… equivalent to pulling an all-nighter.

4. Have patience - Not many business people are patient. In fact, a lot of them are used to rushing negotiations in the hopes of winning more. Believe it or not, patience can go a very long way too. Being calm, flexible and relaxed has a lot of advantages. Patience can also be a devastating weapon for your opponents. They might lose their temper, thus giving you the upper hand to make a sensible decision.

Cracking a good business deal is not impossible as long as you’re prepared to deal with unexpected situations. Enter a meeting armed with information and have the courage to speak up. Ask for what you want and find a way to build a connection with the parties involved in order to reach an agreement and end the meeting with a good bargain.