Make your money work harder for you !!

Fridays at ABL Workspaces will no longer be a dull !!!

We have started hosting sessions for our members at ABL Workspaces. This time we hosted a free session on tax planning and how to make your money work harder for you .

It was a very informative session done by Blueestone wealth creators Pvt ltd . Tax is something I personally find too boring and difficult to understand but honestly speaking Pallavi Chaturvedi and Aseem Juneja of Blueestone made it so easy and fun for everyone , that tax was no longer a scary thing . The session was followed by a Hi Tea which then turned into a discussion platform on investment .

I was amazed to see how these small investment can earn you big with very little time and patience , especially for the ones who are not working or the ones who have just started their journey , a small investment can really make a lot of difference .

For startups , when we don’t have enough money to invest for our future planning these sessions can be really helpful .

I would personally recommend to try their session once .

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