Connect ABL | Community Build Up | In-House Games Event.

As We Promised, Fridays at ABL Workspaces will no longer be a dull !!!

We have started hosting Events and In-House Activities for our members at ABL Workspaces. This time we hosted a In-House Games Event For Co-Workers at #ABL Workspaces Okhla Phase 3.

The event came out to be stress buster for all the co-workers. Co-workers actively participated in games and had a chance to know each other better.

The theme of the event was Community Build-up and the success of the event supported the theme well. We hosted three games which were: 1. Ping-Pong(Table-Tennis). 2. Bull-Hit(Dart Throwing). 3. Strike and Pocket(Carom).

Winners were given exclusive Gift Hampers.

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