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From the past three months after the lockdown was imposed nationwide, offices remained dark and vacant. Earlier this month, the govt lifted the lockdown and a fraction of the workforce started rolling back to the offices. Seeking the safety of the employees, few companies have allowed their employees to work from home. For the fraction coming to workplaces, numerous precautions have been placed to ensure personal hygiene and safety of the employees. In this blog post, we have discussed some steps you can follow on a personal level to keep yourself safe and create a healthy working environment for fellow mates. Read on.

● Never Leave Home without Safety Gears - The definition of the normal has changed in the past few days. Face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers have taken up the place in our wardrobes and each of our lives. This is the new normal. Always make sure that you don’t leave your home without checking up on items like alcohol based sanitizers, mask, gloves and face shields. Using such things reduces the risk of you being exposed to contamination.

● Safe Travels to Work - Although some modes of public transport have resumed their services, avoid using them in case you have your own vehicle for commuting. Large crowds put you at risk. Regularly sanitize the vehicle and the common touching points like door handles. If that’s not an option for you then ola/uber have also resumed operations with the upgraded safety measure.

● New After Work Rituals - Before entering the house, make sure single used masks and gloves have been disposed properly. Avoid touching anything before washing your hands, elbows and face. It’s always advisable to take a bath after coming back from work. You should also try to sanitize the items that you use frequently throughout the day such as mobile phone, laptop, chargers and keys.


Just in case you don’t feel well at any point of the day, it's advisable to head back home and take necessary precautions. Safety of fellow workers has to be the moral obligation for each and everyone. To fight such hardships, coworking spaces are taking all the necessary measures. If you’re looking for one, contact us on +91 844 844 0755 or simply visit our website at https://www.ablworkspaces.com/ . You can write to us at Email: enquiry@ablworkspaces.com .

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