Five Things an Early Stage Startup Should Not Do

1. Not Delegating

Sometime we tend do everything ourselves thinking that no-one will do it better than us and it can be true also, in some cases, but its important for you to delegate work. If delegation is not taken seriously your time is being invested into the petty job and you will lose focus. The team we hire should be competent enough to carry out the job for you and leaving you for bigger and more essential task .

Also by delegating you will see that you will be able to achieve clarity on your deliverables and will reach your target swiftly.

2. Fear of Failure

Failure is our best friend and trust me on this, until unless you fail you won’t experience the real high of success. Failure is just an experience and one should not be afraid of it, rather learn what caused you to fail and move forward without much delay. Failure should be taken positively and should not become a demotivating factor.

3. Not listening

Doesn’t matter if you are at the top or just starting, your ability to listen will make you understand and analyse things or situation more. Your quantitative and qualitative ability to analyse the situation will make you a better decision maker hence speeding up the process and achieving your goals faster.

4. Not forming a Great Team

Team is the most essential part of a start up journey .

Not having a great team can really slow you down and eventually demotivating you enough to give up . So before its too late , you must focus diligently on hunting and recruiting a great team .

You must spend time explaining your vision to your team, so that you and your team have one single goal .Your team will take you and your business forward. Always remember, no one reached their dreams without a great team .

5. Not taking Time Off

A young entrepreneur is eager , enthusiastic ,passionate, inquisitive and what not, but its imperative for them to take sometime off. Working hard is good but not taking time off can be daunting and before you realize it, it will bring your enthusiasm down and eventually it will burn you. So go on a holiday, take a deep breathe and come back rejuvenated.

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