By using our services you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully-

  • “ABL” / “ABL Workspaces” shall mean M/s ABL Workspaces Private Limited and shall include its successors and permitted assigns.

  • “Member” Shall mean any individual, group of individuals, entity comprising of individuals and/or any other business entity that avails the membership through this agreement and agrees to abide by the terms herein.

  • The Member has selected an office, bearing the details outlined in the Membership Form (“Office Space”). The Member is aware and understands that the Member is being permitted to use the said Office Space for the limited purpose disclosed by the Member in the Membership Form.

  • Nothing contained herein or in any document executed between the Parties shall be inferred to mean that ABL has offered actual physical possession of the Office Space or the Premises in which the said Office Space is located.

  • It is understood that the nature of the business of ABL is to provide a co-sharing furnished workspace (“Co-Working Spaces”) to the members as a service only. The Office Space shall always remain in possession and control of ABL and it has exclusive right over the manner in which it is used.

  • The Member shall not use the Office Space / Premises for any illegal activities and shall be allowed to use the Office Space / Premises only for legitimate business activities and as permitted by ABL more particularly described in the Membership Form.

  • The Member shall clearly state that the Premises / Office Space belongs to ABL Workspaces in all its communications. For the said purpose, the Member shall necessarily prefix the words “ABL WORKSPACES” before the address of the Office Space on all its communications, letter heads, visiting cards and all other means of transmitting information regarding its address.

  • ABL shall be entitled and exercise full rights to access the Office Space, with or without notice, in connection with providing Membership Services, for safety or emergency purposes or for any other purposes as required and at any time or stage whatsoever and any Member shall not have any objection to the same.

  • ABL reserves the right to alter the Office Space at any stage whatsoever and as deemed necessary, provided that ABL will make all possible efforts to ensure that it does not substantially decrease the square footage of the assigned Office Space or related amenities.

  • The Member shall be granted access to premises in which the Office Space is located (“Premises”), in the manner and subject to the conditions prescribed by ABL from time to time as per Access Policy notified by ABL from time to time.

  • Immediately upon submitting a signed and completed Agreement, the Member will pay (i) the Membership Services Retainer and (ii) the Set-Up Fee.

  • The Member shall pay a Membership Services Retainer equivalent to the amount or period mentioned in the ABL Membership Form as an interest free refundable security deposit for ensuring due performance of obligations by the Member.

  • If ABL is unable to make the Office Space available by the Start Date for any reason, including due to (i) changes in construction plans, delays in obtaining permits, or any other obstacles in procuring space in any Premises, or (ii) delays caused due to changes requested by the Member, ABL shall not be subject to any liability related to such inability. In this event, except as mentioned in the ABL Membership Agreement, Member will not be obliged to make payments of the Membership Fee until the Office Space is made available to the Member.

  • ABL has the option of terminating this Agreement by giving the Member a minimum of 1 (One) months’ advance notice in writing, assigning no reason for such termination.

  • Your Office Space has a limited capacity. If the number of Members or other individuals regularly using your Office Space exceeds the number allocated on your Membership Details form, you will be required to pay the then current additional fee as set forth on www.ablworkspaces.com. In no event will the number of Members exceed 1.5 times the number of desks in the Office Space, regardless of additional fees paid. We reserve the right to further limit the number of Members allowed at any point.

  • The Member cannot terminate the Agreement during the Minimum Guarantee Period.

  • You acknowledge and agree that keys, key cards and other such items used to gain physical access to the Premises, or the Office space remain our property.

  • You will cause your Members to safeguard our property and you will be liable for replacement fees should any such property be lost, stolen or destroyed.

  • ABL may disclose information about you or your Members as necessary to satisfy any applicable law,rule, regulation, legal process or government request or as we otherwise deem reasonably necessary for the protection of us, other Member Companies or other members.


1.ABL will refund the Membership Services Retainer after adjustment

of the following amounts:

i. Any outstanding dues payable under the ABL Membership Agreement;

ii. Any statutory dues not paid by the Member;

iii. Dues in respect of any damages caused to the Office Space / Premises / assets of ABL;

iv. Costs incurred on restoration of the Office Space;

v. Dues in respect of the damages to the assets belonging to ABL not being returned in the same condition as

they were provided to the Member;

vi. Any damages caused to the assets / belongings of other members located in the Premises; and

vii. Any other losses/ damages/ penalties as detailed under the ABL Membership Agreement.

2. Apart from that no amount as mentioned shall be refunded by ABL.          

  • Member acknowledges that ABL reserves the right to update/modify the said  terms and conditions .

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